Grease Busters provides comprehensive commercial kitchen cleaning services to protect your equipment, meet safety standards, safeguard your personnel and livelihood.Our IKEA certified service provides a complete checklist of all working parts, status, and replacements, along with a certification sticker of service.

Total Kitchen Cleaning

  • Ceilings and walls
  • Equipment and floors
  • Carpet cleaning, non-slip floor treatments
  • Ceramic or quarry tile cleaning
  • Deep cleaning – entire restaurant and kitchen

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen HoodEvery year, thousands of restaurant grease fires are reported that create devastating damages reported, property loss, service loss and more.  Exhaust grease fires can simply come about if fuel, (the grease) and flame or intense heat are brought together. To prevent this from happening  –  have your commercial exhaust system free of grease build-up.

A properly cleaned and compliant kitchen exhaust system means cleaning beyond what you can just see. There are three main components to your kitchen exhaust system; the hood, the duct work, and the fan.

Commercial Oven Cleaning Services

A properly cleaned oven involves much more than just cleaning what’s visible. Our certified technicians utilize a detailed, in-depth process to ensure the procedure is done correctly. Our services assures we get it clean without damage to equipment or pilot lights.

Grease Trap & Dumpster Area Cleaning Services

The area around your dumpster can quickly get out of control, attracting animals, insects and collecting unwanted bacteria.

Grease Containment Systems & Services

Stop roof grease damage and eliminate fire hazards by ensuring grease containment is part of your regular maintenance program.

Kitchen Floor & Equipment Cleaning Services

Floors and equipment that have grease and food build-up can attract all types of unwanted bacteria and create a potentially costly hazard to owners and personnel. Our cleaning services protect your environment, your staff and your livelihood.

Our work complies with the NFPA-Standard 96, your insurance, fire inspectors, health departments and all federal state and local laws.

Now offering Revolutionary Sanitizing Services with the

Clorox® Total 360® System

The revolutionary Clorox® Total 360® System is an electrostatic sprayer paired with Clorox®trusted solutions. It provides superior coverage through proven electrostatic technology and delivers Clorox® disinfectants and sanitizers onto hard-to-reach surfaces. The Clorox® Total 360® System helps keep your facility safe and clean, protecting your patrons and your personnel.

Contact us for an estimate and information on our extensive service list.