Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Grease Busters provides commercial kitchen cleaning services to eliminate your risk of fire and loss of property.

kitchenOur professional services provide complete cleaning of kitchen equipment, exhaust, flooring, filters and beyond. Protect your business, personnel and livelihood by taking the steps to meet all health department requirements and minimize potential fire risks.

Total Kitchen Cleaning

  • Ceilings and walls
  • Equipment and floors
  • Carpet cleaning, non-slip floor treatments
  • Ceramic or quarry tile cleaning
  • Deep cleaning – entire restaurant and kitchen

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Every year, thousands of restaurant grease fires are reported that create devastating damages reported, property loss, service loss and more.  Exhaust grease fires can simply come about if fuel, (the grease) and flame or intense heat are brought together. To prevent this from happening  –  have your commercial exhaust system free of grease build-up.

A properly cleaned and compliant kitchen exhaust system means cleaning beyond what you can just see. There are three main components to your kitchen exhaust system; the hood, the duct work, and the fan.

Commercial Oven Cleaning Services

Our services assures we get it clean without damage to equipment or pilot lights.

Kitchen Floor & Equipment Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services protect your environment, your staff and your livelihood.



Cleaning to a Higher Standard

An important part of IKECA’s mission is to foster more accurate compliance with industry standards and a better-informed knowledge of the value and role of a complete and proper kitchen exhaust cleaning by all stakeholders.

Our work complies with the NFPA-Standard 96, your insurance, fire inspectors, health departments and all federal state and local laws.

We’re proud to announce that we are not offering a complete sanitizing & disinfecting service.  Add to your regular commercial kitchen cleaning for a nominal charge.

Serving Southwest Florida – Sarasota, Tampa, Bradenton and Naples. Certified Technicians. Professional Service. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote, or to schedule service.